I am not  really a sneaker wearing chick, but I am

definitely a fitness avid chick, So i 

sneakers2 didn’t hesitate to say Yes when

sneakersTB sneakersTB1
the folks from New Balance asked me to try these Truebalance Toning sneakers that are special made to promote leg toning while burning calories

I currently use the elliptical in addition to the discs from the P90x program as a part of my exercise routine. However, sometimes, it’s difficult to find

sneakers3the time to get my full hour of work out in, so, I am excited to try these Truebalance toning sneakers that are suppose

sneakers6to tone my legs while I wear them. I’m supposed to see results after four weeks and fully intend to wear them into the ground:-).I will check in with you all about my progress and post pictures each week. I am not sure if i am going to look as great as she does wearing these sneakers out and about though. However, i will give it my best shot!  Stay tuned as Operation Toned Legs gets underway…Don’t you just love my title? Ha, ha.

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