I remember the first day I met my very traditional builder and his look of sheer “you must be kidding me look” when I told him what my vision was for the house. However, thankfully I didn’t scare him off, in fact he said he was up for the challenge. Nonetheless, my idea for painted garage doors and a yellow front door wasn’t met with much enthusiasm, but he succumbed to my charm(or maybe he realized that i do know a thing or two:-))as you can see from these pictures.

I wanted to have the garage doors painted  the  same colour as the rest of the house simply because I wanted a seamless look. I didn’t want the garage doors to contrast or stand out and that is what would’ve happened if they were left white(the colour/stain they had originally) or if they were painted in the trim colour. Additionally, I knew that I was going to be staining/painting the front door with a lovely pop of colour and I wanted that to be the focal point.

What a pop, right?  The colour is called Yellow Highlighter by Benjamin Moore. Now, imagine how lovely it’s all going to look once the lights are put in on  the exterior  and all that dirt replaced with nice green grass and some  beautiful landscaping.  All of those missing elements will/should add warmth to the overall look and anchor my bright yellow door. Plus, i think with these colours, Spring may just get here sooner than later!

I will be addressing my decisions on interior colours shortly. Also, if you’re curious about the other exterior colours of the house, see here for more information. The end is finally in sight (fingers crossed that we won’t get any more snow) and I am just jumping out of my skin with enthusiasm! So, did you all have a great weekend? We went to lovely Charlotte this weekend and I was blown away by the architecture of the historic and modern buildings. The houses there are so majestic too!  Welcome to Monday my friends. XX


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