My fascination  and indulgence with textile was evident in my last home and I will undoubtedly continue this love affair in my new home.  Incorporating textile into ones décor is a sure way to enliven the space. Designer, and textile artist, Lotta Kühlhorn(pictured above) shares her ideas on how textile can make a big  difference in our every day life below:

The simplest way to use textiles
Throwing fabric over a dining table can change a room in an instant.
Fabric is as flexible as paper
Whatever you can do with paper, you can do the same with textiles – cover shelves, hang in a frame, even wrap around a bucket or a flowerpot.

Textiles can complement food
The crab underwater motif on the ANNOMOA range makes the perfect table dressing for traditional Nordic seafood feasts.

Find a pattern you love, then repeat
Repeating patterns is a great idea – on a chair pad, a lampshade, a cushion. You can also show them off on a grand scale: let textiles cover an entire wall like wallpaper.

Such simple and fun ways to use textiles, right?

Any textile lovers out there? 

Hurrah for Thursday! Schools are on delay  because we may have a bit snow today. Hopefully it doesn’t stick around! Have a warm and beautiful Thursday my friends. XX


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