I love this work area featured in the above picture. I grabbed it from my tumblr to share today because it oozes inspiration and creativity.  I love the display board(i’m not sure what material it’s made from though), the whimsical lamp and i adore the rustic element of the table against the ruffles of the fabric. However, what really caught my eye is the use of the books as a stand for the lamp. Doing this not only elevates the lamp to add balance, but it also brings your eyes up. I actually do this all the time in my own home. Books lend themselves to a myriad of uses and they still remain aesthetically pleasing no matter how they’re being used.

random 012random 008 I probably should have tidied up my area a bit before i took these pictures of my home. The second picture shows my use of magazines as a stand for the lamp in my very small office:-). This is a closet in my home that i converted into an office a few years ago. I will do a separate post about my little office soon… So my friends, do you use books or magazines as a stand for lamps in your own home? Do share.

P.S. Thank you all for the warm anniversary wishes and i did speak with dearest husband too! He also read the post and adored it. I’m totally blushing now:-). Muah to all of you!


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