A big thank you to Jemina for awarding me the Stylish Blogger award! To receive that award from the stylish queen bee herself is flattering to say the least!
Behance has been my guilty pleasure of late. I spend way too much time there. However, it’s quite addicting and

behance3you all know that “becoming/being addicted to a pastime” is already inherent to my personality!:-)

behance4 Behance is a network that features the works/portfolio of really creative people in

behance7 any creative field or category that you can think of.  I love the photography style of the creator of these shots, Lucyna DanUta Bakowska. The saturation of the vibrant colours, the styling, the lighting; Everything!

The model is also gorgeous isn’t she? Muy caliente!

If you’re a creative genius, Behance is a free network that allows you to create projects that incorporate text, image, video, and audio; as well as embed media from sites like Vimeo, Flickr, Youtube, and more. Cool, right?

Photography: Lucyna DanUta Bakowska,
Hair: Anne Marie Rooney, Makeup : Sommer Mbonu, Model:Brenda @ Sutherland,  Styling:Chelsea


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