Zion's first b'day 033 I absolutely love to garden and sometimes i think i get carried away with planting flowers. I have a vegetable garden too that i had posted about here.There are a couple garden beds with a mix of perennials and annuals in my yard. Additionally,  I have flowers that are in pots and flowers that are also hanging on my deck(pictured above). I love waking up in the mornings and opening the blinds to let in the sun and admire the flowers. Even if the sun isn’t out, the colours from the flowers always brighten my day. Gardening is one of my treasured hobbies during the summer and into early fall.  I find it to be very therapeutic too.

flowers I especially love to see flowers on a window sill or

flowers1 flowers5
flowers3 flowers4
hanging from the window.

How adorable! I think they’re doing a bit of sunbathing:-). So, do you do also enjoy dabbling in the dirt a bit?

{images: 1-my own, others-here}


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