NewProToday marks our 11th wedding anniversary! Yippee! You all know that dearest hubby isn’t home, but i am still celebrating today because it is indeed a very special day.  I am dedicating this post to him with the hope that he’ll be able to read it.

Knox We first met here under that very special tree. Do you remember? Your friend was “checking me out,” but my eyes met yours instead…

anniversary3tumblrAlthough we momentarily went our separate ways after high school so that we could explore; we inevitably found each other again.

waterfallpicAnd when we did reconnect, it felt just like this!  

whitedressWe exchanged our vows and since then,

smilingwe’ve been inseparable, exploring the world together and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

pregnant  We then (91/2 years later) decided that it was time to start a family…

Zion We welcomed our angel, baby Z into our lives and what a blessing he has been to us! Thank you so much for him my sweet!
Although it has been lonely here without you, I always remember that

anniversary5So, i’ll be

patiently waiting for you…

I was trying to upload a video from youtube but it wouldn’t let me. So, here’s the link:
This one is for you babe! Happy Anniversary! Muah, muah, muah:-)

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