idea8 This post is a thank you for following and commenting on my blog. You know how you can make someone’s day by giving them a compliment or just casting a genuine smile their way; your comments are that compliment or that smile to me. If you’ve been with me since my initial posts, you probably know that i’m a military wife.

That means having to deal with a husband who is deployed(off fighting the war) all the time. Well, i have seen a number of those deployments and each time seems to be more difficult than the next. I have been without dearest husband for 8 months and counting because he’s deployed again.

whitespace  Blogging is actually helping me cope with his absence. Usually, i would be at work (i’m a teacher)and the time didn’t seem to stand still when i’d be so busy with my job.However, after the birth of baby Zion, we decided that i should stay home to be a full time mom for a while. 

 Baby Zion does keep me very busy and i'm thoroughly sleep deprived( but i'm not complaining:-)).
idea14  However, my personality is such that i have to be “doing something”. That something is usually something creative. Hence the birth of this blog which now involves you and as a result is now helping me cope with my husband’s absence.:-)
  It’s an amazing feeling to know that the content i post is appreciated by so many of you:-).  I thoroughly enjoy reading each comment. They definitely add a human touch to my blogging experience.

Again, thank you all!  xo
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