cabrose     Hello my friends. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to face the Monday blues. I know this post today will have you saying, “what Monday blues?” I postponed my house tour to feature this amazing blogger who has been an inspiration to me over there in what i refer to as “tumblr land.” I’m talking about the tumblr called Cabbage Rose that makes it seems  like  the word Wow is the only word you have in your vocabulary when you visit. At least, that’s all i say anyway when i am there.
     Cabbage Rose showcases all realms of design.  This tumblr rivals any design magazine and you get the added bonus of not having to deal with page after page of advertisements(like in the magazines) I found Cabbage Rose  the day i opened my tumblr account. I followed her immediately and she is actually the reason i started to post to my own tumblr because she started to follow me too:-)
So, who is the amazing lady behind Cabbage Rose?

     Her name is Katherine. Katherine’s love affair with tumblr began when she discovered what a wonderful venue it is to share your passions and make connections. She originally created Cabbage Rose out of her own long-term passion for all things aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to the eye. Cabbage Rose has since evolved into a resource for architects, designers, and students; and a haven for those who simply love architecture, interior design, and eye candy. Additionally,  Katherine warmly acknowledges her  fellow tumblr-ites and states that it is fantastic to be able to exchange posts with each other.  Reblogs are such a crucial element of tumblr and they facilitate that sense of community that tumblr is known for.
     Besides being an avid tumlr-ite, Katherine is also a wife, mother, student, an on call designer for family and friends,   runner, lover of coffee, city dweller, and owner of a charming Norwich Terrier named Rufus.
Below you will find a sneak peek of some of what you will see on Cabbage Rose

favorite1 favorite2favorite3favorite4favorite5
favorite6 favorite7
favorite8 favorite12favorite9 favorite11
favorite13favorite14favorite15 There is so much more “awesomeness” to peruse at Cabbage Rose, so head on over and show her some love! Have a great day everyone!  xx

{images via cabbage rose}


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