eloise1 Imagine being Eloise and having  the Plaza Hotel create a room in your honor! Really cool, right? Alright, Eloise is actually not real, but she is that wonderful  fictional character who is the heroine in the book, Eloise, authored by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight. It’s no surprise that it would be designer, Betsey Johnson, who would bring this Eloise inspired suite to life. Her styles/designs are always full of whimsy and are literally “out of this world.”
eloise1st eloise2 eloise3 eloise4 Look at all this pink! Perfect for your little princess/princesses, right? The bed is covered in a pink “Betseyville Rose” print and the walls feature pink striped paper.  Eloise portraits adorn the walls and a sparkly pink chandelier hangs from the ceiling.  In the closet, little princesses will find pink bathrobes which they can take home with them. 

Whoa! Wait, don’t pack your bags yet!:-). You see, the suite (which comprises two rooms) starts at $995 a night; to add an adjoining room for grown-ups, the nightly rate begins at $2,045. Lucky for me, I don’t have a princess who is going to bug me about spending a night there( because i have a baby boy!). In any case, this is way out of my range so even if i had a princess, a stay at this suite would never happen. Unless of course, i were living like the rich and the famous.  What are your thoughts my friends?

{images via shine.yahoo.com, article via the NYT}


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