When i lived in Vicenza, Italy (northern Italy), i used to make frequent shopping trips to Ovvio.  Ovvio is a store. I don’t think it’s fitting to call it a store because it was the size of a number of stores, so i’ll refer to it as a center. It is located in Le Piramidi, one of the malls in Vicenza. I also frequented that mall way too often… Anyway, back to Ovvio, it’s like a center where you can shop for everything for the home and office.
I always experienced an outer body experience whenever i went there. Everything is so beautiful, and they are definitely experts at displaying their products in such a way that they lure you in. I know of one other person who knows exactly what i’m saying and that’s my shopping buddy, Patrice. Hey P! :-). We  lived in Italy at the same time and both of us combined, dropped some major dollars at that center. I’ll go as far as to say, Ikea has nothing on Ovvio. Well, i guess i have to take that back because i have yet to go to Ikea.  What, you can’t believe that i’ve never been to Ikea?! Well, i’ve been to Ovvio, how about that?  Here are some pictures from their 2010 catalogue. Enjoy! xo

ovvio8 ovvio1 ovvio2 ovvio3 ovvio4 ovvio9 ovvio5 ovvio6 ovvio7 ovvio10

{images via ovvio.it} 


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