lovely2  I am still  “revved up” from the effects of yesterday. I was able to have some “me” time for the first time in months.  I labeled this post milestone because I actually left baby Zion with a sitter for the first time last night. That’s a definite milestone for me. He’s now 16 months old and it was still very difficult for me to leave him. However, i was comforted by; 1. the fact that the sitter is a daughter of a trusted coworker and 2. that baby Z would have been asleep the entire time( he usually has an early bedtime). I’m sure you’re wondering so what did you do? I went to the movies with one of my dearest  girlfriends and we saw Inception!  Most of you have probably already seen it. That movie was truly awesome! It definitely makes you think and…, ok, maybe i shouldn’t say much more about the details just in case i may ruin it for someone who hasn’t seen it yet. So, i’ll highlight the men’s fashion in the movie and my crush on Marion Cotillard(who played a female character in the movie) instead.

Seriously, i cannot recall a scene where the men weren’t wearing dashing suits or where they weren’t impeccably attired. They were some well dressed bad a$$ men and I loved watching them wield their weapon in a suit:-).

marion1 And of course, there was Marion Cotillard, the Oscar winning renowned French actress. You might remember her from La Vie en Rose, Nine, or Public Enemies.  She’s quite enigmatic.

marion2 marion4 marion6
She’s not only drop dead gorgeous, but she’s also a talented actress who exudes some type of gravitational force that pulls you in when you watch her on screen! If you haven’t seen Inception yet, i say go out and see it this weekend. You won’t regret it! Happy Friday my friends! xo

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