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The island of Lamu in Swahili is no stranger to tourists, however, this breathtaking home is located in a village called Shela. Shela is renowned for its long, calm stretch of white-sand beach; its central mosque, an exemplar of Swahili architecture that dates from the 17th century. The homeowners of this beautiful home in Swahili hired architectural designer E. Claudio Modola ( a native of Italy who calls Lamu home for a good chunk of each year) to help make the house what it is today. An outstanding architectural feature of this home is the presence of  several barazas, the cozy, covered outdoor nooks where one can eat, drink, sleep or socialize while taking full advantage of ocean winds. It’s obvious this house was designed for entertaining.
swahili2 swahili4 Describing their appeal, Claudio Modola cuts to the heart of what makes life in Shela so attractive, and what differentiates it from life almost anywhere else. “In the morning you can have your breakfast on cushions, then you can have lunch on your cushions if you want, and then have a long nap,” he says. “And then you can invite your friends over and have cocktails—all on cushions.”

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O.k., i couldn’t help but wonder, if i were a guest here what pieces would i pack…

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Well, Kenzo of course! I think pieces like these from the Kenzo 2011 resort collection would be so fitting for a visit to this home. Inspired by florals and oh so elegantly casual, Kenzo would fit right in. Also, perfect for dining on cushions too, don’t you think?

Now back to the show;-)

swahili8 swahili9 swahili10 I have just one word for this home; Paradise.

{home feature-via Architectural Digest and Kenzo images via style.com}


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