Do you all remember this dining room? Yes, it’s that one from Domino magazine. I think the first time i saw this room was April 2008 in that issue of domino and it is just as stunning today. It’s definitely a timeless room. It belongs to designer Fawn Galli and i was just looking at it this morning from my hard cover, “Domino -the book of decorating.” I purchased that book without even knowing that Domino magazine would be going out of publication soon after.  Did i mention that i also have almost all my domino magazines? I say almost because baby Zion has shredded a couple:-). Anyway, i’m sure you all know by now that there is a resurgence of  the magazine thanks to brides.com. That’s definitely something to celebrate for die hard domino fans like myself! 

Some more Fawn Galli inspiration…

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{via fawngalli.com}


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