The 'treehotel'  in Sweden is set to open this weekend. It’s located in Harads, Sweden about 60 km south
of the arctic circle. It comprises four rooms: the cabin, the blue cone, the nest and the mirrorcube.  There was a lot of skepticism surrounding this project and there were many naysayers. the project was conceived by tree hotel co-founder Kent lindvall, a former guidance counselor who came up with the concept with his wife Britta. There was a lot of skepticism surrounding this project and there were many naysayers However, architects Sandell & Sandberg, interior group ab, Marten Cyrene, Inredningsgruppen and Tham & Videgard architects were obviously quite successful in making this vision come to fruition.

The four-meter glass cube looks as spectacular in reality as it did in the rendering. Kent Lindvall, co-owner of the Tree Hotel, has been quoted as saying:
Everything will reflect in this -- the trees, the birds, the clouds, the sun, everything. So it should be invisible nearly in the forest. Lindvall also says a special film will be applied to the glass which will be visible to birds.
Phew! I’m happy that no birds will be injured because of this “tree hotel” which i’m loving more and more.
How cool is this?-the reflection of the sky from the “tree hotel.”

the interior of the microcube

I applaud the owners for making this “tree hotel;” as eco friendly as possible,and, Selberg(excursion organizer), was quoted as saying:
This is untouched forest and we want to maintain it the same way. We decided for example to
not offer snowmobile safari which is very common up here, instead, wilderness
walks will be offered. 

Talk about being one with nature! So, what do you think?

{via Designboom}


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