My post almost didn’t make it today! I was without electricity, hence no internet because of a storm that is still ongoing. I do welcome the “cooling down” effect of this storm though. Also, big shout out to Charlotta of Space for Inspiration for including my blog as one of her beautiful blogs! She has been so welcoming to me from day one and i am so appreciative!

I have been seeing a number of posts on the colour purple lately. The most recent from Couture Carrie. It is one of my favourite hues to use for my makeup(lipstick and eye-shadow), my wardrobe has a number of purple pieces, and i’m currently sporting a cool shade of purple on my toes from Opi. However, as i look around my house, as far as decor goes, the colour purple is MIA. I am not one to shy away from colourful walls, but i’ve never been led to the colour purple before.
The colour purple is said to have mysterious and royal qualities and it also can be uplifting, calming to the minds and nerves, and encourages creativity. How do you feel about the colour purple? Do you shy away from it or embrace it?
purphall purpb1 Purple lilac childrens bedroom assorted artwork paintings soft toys white painted real home L etc 09/2007 pub orig purple purpbroom purpchairs purpkitch  purphotelpurptable

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