random 118 I have been meaning to post an update on my progress regarding the launch of my operation toned legs. See here if you missed the original post. As you can see in the picture, I am sporting my New Balance toning shoes. I’m not sure how long it has been since i first posted about these sneakers. However, although i haven’t worn them everywhere i do exercise in them and wear them around the house. The cushioning is great and they’re lightweight, so when i’m on the elliptical, they don’t weigh me down. They feel great on too. Do they work? I think they do. The only thing is i have been exercising in conjunction with wearing them, so could my toned legs be from exercising or a result of both?(wearing them and exercising). I believe in my case, a result of both would be the answer. If you have a Dicks Sport store in your area, you can go there and try a pair on and see how you like them.  At the end of the four weeks(time for seeing marked results from wearing these sneakers), i might show off my sexy toned legs:-). So, stay tuned…

random 116 Does anyone know of the Jack Lalane juicer? Well, i had one and it’s no longer functioning, so i’m looking for recommendations for some great juicers to make healthy concoctions. Also, i’m really enjoying reading Eat, Pray Love. Usually, i’d be done reading it by now(however that was life before i had a baby). I hope everyone is off to a superb week! xx


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