My love for books in a home made me a tumblr sensation overnight. You all know how much i love the use of books as decor or simply just the presence of books in a home. See a post here. It's also no secret that i have a design tumblr. Well, yesterday i posted to my tumblr and took the day off from this one. That was a great idea!:-) I didn't even know that i had become a "superstar." My girl from Cabbage Rose who has the greatest tumblr was the one who sent me an email to tell what was going on. I had made the radar(tumblr jargon). Suffice it to say that  my followers have now passed the 900 mark(that's giddying) and that picture above has received 3,378notes/likes and counting. Awesome, isn't it? I guess my design addiction is reaping its benefits(so to speak).

 Here, it's still raining. In fact, the schools are on a two hour delay because of the weather. So, today, i'll be trying to stay dry:-). Also, thank you for your very lovely comments on my sneak peek. Have a great Thursday my friends. XX

{images-my tumblr, except #6}


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