I have been Mia because i have lots going on right now, so much so that i am wishing i had a clone. Dare i say that i really feel that i possess some superhuman traits because that’s the only explanation as to why i am able to “juggle it all,” and not topple over.  I will update you about what i’m juggling soon:-). For now, join me for this walk through in this mysterious gentleman’s pad that packs a hefty stylish punch.

The bedroom wall is upholstered in Brunschwig & Fils cotton velvet, and it’s Orange! The zebra carpet is by Patterson Flynn Martin, and the bedding is by Williams Sonoma Home, A custom rosewood mirror was made by (Robert Passal Interiors) –RPI
Get this-that “come and caress me” headboard and bedside tables are wrapped in python! Yes, python baby:-)

This would be my favorite spot-Yes, right on this tufted chocolate goodness is where i would hang out:-).

And he can cook!

So,are you wondering who this mysterious gentleman is that lives here? If you guessed that he’s a designer, then you are right! His name is Robert Passal. He is behind the prestigious Robert Passal Interiors. Also, according to a feature article:

Robert Passal ditched the idea of becoming a news anchor because he didn’t want to spend fifteen years in the boondocks at some tiny local TV station. After burning out working in the restaurant business, he wrote himself a bogus resumé, something he cheerfully admits to, and worked his way into becoming the successful interior designer he is today.

Well, i’d have to say that it seems as if Mr. Passal  has found his calling (so to speak ). I will be catching up on all your lovely blogs soon and to show my appreciation to all my followers (You), i  will be hosting another giveaway. This will be an all inclusive giveaway(it doesn’t matter where you live) and if you like unique, you'll love this one!  Have a great evening my friends! XX

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