As a little girl, i’ve always had dreams of going to France. Those dreams were realized when i moved to Italy(it’s so much easier to travel all over Europe when you already live there!). However, although i’ve been to Paris, my addiction has not lessened at all. In fact, it has gotten much worse. Therefore, i tend to gravitate toward all things having to do with France. Hence my love for this home, especially since i am yet to visit it’s locale, Marseilles. Located in the center of Marseilles, Casa Honoré was once a printing factory, then it was transformed into an untraditional family home, with concrete floors, metal-cased windows, and vintage lighting and furniture. When the homeowners became empty nesters,  they created what they refer to as a "mini-hotel," which opened in June 2008.

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I wouldn’t mind staying at this “mini-hotel” at all. It’s not your traditional hotel and i think that’s what i love about it. It has a warm and  relaxed atmosphere with a “homey” feel. Wouldn’t you love to stay here? XX

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