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It is not uncommon for us to “bust a move” in our living spaces. In fact, we do it all the time and I as a result we need lots of wiggle room. In addition, with two children running wild, wiggle room is a must! For today’s post, I am going to define the term wiggle room to be when one is able to  move around freely in a space without stubbing ones toes on a piece of furniture.

Choosing the right size sofa for a living space is paramount for the existence of wiggle room. I’ve visited homes where there was so much furniture in the living space that I could only walk sideways in order to avoid bumping into an item. It’s usually a relief to return to my home where I can walk freely in my abundance of wiggle room.

No stubbing ones toes in this space. It’s no surprise that it is a space belonging to the Novogratz family; lots of wiggle room for playing and or dancing.

a lone sofa with a pouf for perching ones feet though simple in design provides ample opportunity for kiddos to enjoy the space in a carefree manner and adults can easily do the Moon Walk if they so desire. How do you feel about the amount of furniture in a space? Is wiggle room important to you? Blessings and have a wonderful Tuesday. XX

{images: atcasa, frenchbydesign, houseto your home}


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