The quintessential summer experience involves lots of  entertaining with family and friends. Setting the stage for these entertainment endeavors starts with meticulously setting the stage with an unforgettable table scape.

YourMurano glass tableware is more than just a glass act. Having purchased(on a few trips to Nove, Italy)a couple hand blown glass pieces myself that were made in Murano, I have experienced the durability and premium quality of such glass pieces first hand. Glass tableware pieces are of course investment pieces since each piece is handcrafted at prime production quality. Thus, terms like classic, longevity, and well made are synonymous to this brand.  You also get the below bragging rights when you purchase a gem from YourMurano glass:

  • unique and handmade
  • shipped from venice
  • the best murano glass quailty
  • covered by insurance
  • mark of origin guaranteed
Goto Desio
murano6 murano5
I find myself drawn to their Goto Desio line.  Isn’t it obvious why? Just look at the beauty! According to the website:

The creative decorations on this “goto de fornasa” glass reminds of the many twisting canals that criss-cross Venice, like a neverending maze. The apparent fragility of the glass vanishes once you hold this “goto” in your hand, admire its white “sommerso” glass, covered in a gold leaf layer and sprinkled with multiple colourful glass threads. The energy of the manufacturing process is perceived at first touch: this “goto” glass represents the solid pride in their craft of the people of Murano. Like all “goti de fornasa”, it is born from the creative inspiration of the master glassmaker in the precise moment of shaping, making a unique, unrepeatable piece of art. This “goto de fornasa” is signed by the master Imperio Rossi, and is available in different coloured filaments on the constant gold leaf base: white and violet, blue and aqua, blue and ruby, orange and yellow, blue and green, green and sky blue.

The pieces vary in styles that range from simple and streamlined to very intricate with sublime embellishments. Whatever your theme is for setting the stage, formal or informal, you will find your statement piece(s) at at Yourmurano.

Do you already have glass tableware in your collection? Is setting the stage part of your entertaining ritual? I love a beautiful tablescape adorned with lovely tableware. I usually cannot help myself when it comes to setting the stage, even if it is just for the hubby and myself. There has to be some type of style on the table. Blessings and have a wonderful weekend everyone! XX

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