That chair has led to the brewing of ideas in my head for the next upholstery project; sheer candy deliciousness…

this shoot in Brazil makes my heart sing

     Can you a tell I’m in a great mood? Reason; 75 will be the high today and yesterday, I noticed that leaves were returning to our apple trees. I might have to plant something today(indoor container planting of course…). I know the weather has been a hot topic for me here lately, but we’ve been going from one extreme to the next and I feel like a pendulum going back and forth, back and forth. Is it Winter or Spring, Winter or Spring…? Anyway, what have you all been up to? I think I’ve gotten my tech problems resolved(fingers crossed). Of course, I am just basking in your lovely comments on my picture in the prior post. Thank you all oh so much and of course to Lea, the photographer who captured us.
     Well, I am off to soak up the sun today my lovelies. I hope you share my mood and if not, I hope it rubs off on you!Smile. Blessings and happy Wednesday! XX

{images: 1, shoot}


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