Before we delve into today’s post, I noticed there was a question about spiky plants versus ones with rounded leaves(yesterday’s post). In the book, it’s noted that rounded plants are the best ones to use to uplift and harmonize energy in any room. They should also be upward growing plants with rounded leaves. So far in reading the book, feng shui your life, it seems as if anything with a sharp edge denotes negative energy…

Onward to today’s post as the review series continue. We’re going  to look at feng shui and the stove as discussed in the book, feng shui your life by Jayme Barrett.

All of the following text is taken from the book:

In feng shui, the stove holds the energy for prosperity and abundance. From the beginning of time, many cultures have used food as an indicator of wealth and generosity. The amount of food a person lavished upon his family and friends was a measurement of his success. Accordingly, the stove, which facilitates the feasting process, contains prosperity energy. This energy encircles the stove and overflows the entire kitchen. You must keep your stove clean and ensure all burners are working correctly. The fire energy emanating from the stove stokes your home’s financial abundance. Since the kitchen combines the fire and water elements represented by the stove and sink, you need to keep them separate. If a sink is located directly across or next to the stove, the water will extinguish the fire which is not a desirable circumstance. To repel the water energy, place a small convex mirror on the front or side of the stove with the reflective side pointing towards the sink. Correct placement of these two elements will stimulate abundance for everyone living in the home.

The position of the stove is a major factor in securing affluence. You should face into the kitchen and towards the door as you prepare meals on the stove. Installing a stove in a center island provides ample space and places you in the power position.(which I knew this when I was building…). However, if the stove is located in the center of your home, there may be too much fire energy, creating instability between people living in the home. In this case, add a water element to the stove to subdue the fire. In addition, if your back is to the kitchen when you cook, place a small mirror above you to heighten your awareness of what is going on behind you. A vase with fresh flowers or a teapot or glass bowl filled with water is sufficient, provided you change the water once or twice a week.

If the refrigerator is next to the stove, place a convex mirror on the side of the stove to deflect the cold energy. A plant placed between them will further harmonize the two energies.

It’s a great idea to also remove all knives from the top of the stove and from the area next to it. Sharp objects should not point towards the stove since they project negative energy.

To create loving energy, burn a stick of rose incense on the stove daily. This is some interesting information, right? I have to admit I breathed I sigh of relief when I looked in my kitchen and realized that my stove and sink were separate from each other and my refrigerator is not exactly beside my stove. There’s a bit of separation between the two. Any thoughts on today’s post? Blessings and happy Wednesday! XX

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