Hi everyone! A very late Happy New YearSmile. At the end of December, I signed up to participate in a green smoothie challenge for 30 days. The challenge began January 2nd and will continue until the end of January. I have been replacing my breakfast with a green smoothie daily and now I’ve become a juicing maniac. In addition, I have adjusted my diet to exclude breads, the “bad” carbs etc. Now, I’m yearning all the “bad things” but I’m holding strong and fighting the urge… My Mom’s visiting which has also afforded me valuable time to exercising more routinely.

The great thing with this challenge is that they send you your smoothie recipes and a shopping list in your inbox each Friday. I find that really simplifies the process and make it more fun and stress free for me. I really do feel energized and fingers crossed, I’ll make it to the end of January. Here’s to maintaining a clean diet and being the healthiest you this year! XX

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