Two weeks ago, while most people were busy preparing for Thanksgiving dinner; I was not only doing that, but also prepping for a holiday photo shoot( by the local newspaper)that was to take place at my home immediately after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness I had family visiting to help me with the kiddos, otherwise I would’ve been riddled with bags under my eyes on the day of the shoot(not a good look when you’re going to be in the paper!). I showcased ways that I repurpose items in my home for the Holidays and talked about my style etc. I only decorated the sun room where the picture was taken and I did a tablescape. I barely got the tree done which is definitely a reflection of me; an explosion of colour, a bit of the unexpected, and funSmile.   The feature was showcased on Sunday and I received an impressive four page spread in the Life Magazine section of the Sunday paper. Talk about an early Christmas present! I am beyond thrilled and it’s all because of this beautiful space that I share with you, called Design Addict Mom.  I snapped these pictures from the article, hence the clarity is not the best, but I had to share…


The link is here if you want to read the feature in its entirety.  Have a lovely day my friends and thank you all! XX


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