We’ve all seen examples(like the one above) of colour blocking in interior spaces. However,  colour blocking extends to fashion and beauty as well. Today’s  post shows examples of colour blocking in the beauty department. If you’re a make-up fanatic

like I am, you will love this beauty spread featured in this month’s Glamour magazine.  Talk about colour blocking pizazz! Fruity lips and dark nails= colour blocking that yours truly will be trying! Feminine with a dash of goth; love it!

Colour blocking with colourful shadows, metallics, and glitter…

flawless, fun, vibrant, and the perfect antidote to overcast and rainy days
Yay or nay for colour blocking with make-up? It’s definitely a yay for me! Any MAC users out there? I can see countless possibilities of colour blocking with all the MAC makeup that I have. Well my lovelies, I hope you all have a weekend filled with colour, relaxation, and fun! XX

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