Sporting a French blue and white tee purchased from Monika’s shop Splendid Avenue, Baby Ian looked oh so darling and handsome for his first birthday session. A couple weeks ago, he had a birthday session at home with a very talented and warm local photographer; Lea Hartman of Lea Hartman Photography. I actually happened upon her blog by sheer coincidence and I wasn’t even looking for a photographer at the time. We “hit it off” immediately in blog land and then when I wanted a birthday session for Baby Ian, I immediately thought of Lea and I am thrilled I did! Here are some of the pictures from the session…

He is the most pleasant, happy, and easy going baby!

Zion and I joined in on the fun too!Smile. There are so many more adorable photos, but I don’t want to seem narcissistic and post them all at once! lol! Maybe a part 2? 
Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with emotion because I feel so blessed to have Baby Ian and Zion in my life. Did I tell you all that I resigned my teaching job at the end of the school year? The. Best. Thing. I. Ever. Did.  Mark you, I’m in dire need of sleep, but I am happy to be the one nurturing my boys every step of the way. Can you believe that Baby Ian turns one next week Thursday?
Zion’s first birthday party sets the trend for all future  Blake first birthday parties. Therefore, I have been busy planning and “diying” and there’s lots more to be done prior to the party(on the 20th). With that said, I may be away from my computer for a week and a half… So, until then my friends and hopefully the party will be a success! I will share the details and pictures with you when I return. Much love everyone! XX


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