I’ve always loved the cactus plant and this home showcases several of them in its zen-like landscape. It’s no surprise that the homeowners opted for this type of landscape since their location is Houston where I’m sure it’s sizzling. These are hardy plants that can tolerate the heat.

Constructed by architect, Allen Bianchi, the home though elegantly appointed is still unpretentious. Their pets seem to have free reign of the different spaces and their needs obviously played a role in the design.

I notice that concrete is the material of choice for the floor which makes sense since it helps to keep the home cool. It’s also a very lovely neutral backdrop for their modern furnishings.

in love!

what’s not to love here? besides the adorable doggie, i’d love to have that orange top dining table!

my showers would be very long with a shower like this…

Many of us are experiencing heat waves. Please be cautious and stay hydrated. My heart especially goes out to the folks in Colorado fighting the fires... XX

P.S. Hollie, i know you'll love this one!!


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