I’ve always admired gallery walls and I’m currently collecting frames to start my own. I love this one above showcasing some family pics and really just an eclectic mix of pieces that the homeowners love.  I imagine that one has to have a plan before executing a gallery wall, placement and probably most importantly, hardware to hang the pieces.

It makes sense to have a reliable gallery hanging system to ensure that your pictures or paintings stay in place. Can you imagine sleeping and having one of those hanging above the bed falling on you? Scary thought, no? So, I say just do it right even if it takes you a bit longer.

Which gallery hanging system do you use? Where in your home do you have your gallery wall(if you have one)? I’m thinking of placing mine in my foyer.

gloved art
blogged about this here before but had to share again(one of my faves)
Have a fabulous Thursday everyone! XX

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