I was talking to two of my co workers yesterday about purchasing the Hunger Games series(I’ve got the fever). I was telling one of them that I was going to see if Barnes and Noble has them. I asked one coworker where she purchased hers and she said she just ordered it on her Kindle and I said, “O.K”. The other promptly chimed in and said “ I read all of mine (Hunger Game Series) on my Kindle. Then she proceeded to say, “Why would you want to hold over a thousand page book in your hands?” I happen to love the balancing act that comes with reading a book that is thicker and bigger than my hands; it gives me a geek high that I embraceSmile. On the other hand, I understand the convenience that a Kindle provides. Maybe Kindle owners also have great postures since they don’t have to tote heavy books around on their shoulders. However.

I. Still. Prefer. Buying. “Real Books”.  I love how they add dimension and movement to a space, the warmth they exude and their smell. A Kindle doesn’t awaken my senses like a book does. How about you? What do you think about a kindle vs. the actual book? Happy Wednesday everyone! XX

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