I have a terrible habit of buying too many throw pillows(just can’t resist ‘em). But, really, it’s easier and most times less expensive to make new pillow covers when you’re trying to spruce up your space. If I were to put all my throw pillows together, they would make a mountain rivaling that of Mt. Kilimanjaro! (ok, I might exaggerate a tad, but I have a lot).

Also, making your own pillow covers allows you to choose fabrics that fit perfectly into your already existing décor. I love the mix of patterns above. Don’t be afraid about mixing patterns. Just remember to:

Use patterns that have a similar or common colour or even a variation of that colour And incorporate a  mix of different sizes of patterns to add depth to your look.

Now, I want to introduce you to this amazing lady, Victoria and her line, Victoria Larson Textiles.  Victoria Larson has been designing home accessories for private clients for several years and is proud to release her debut fabric line(Victoria Larson Textiles) to the public. Larson trained as an Interior Designer at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Above is just a sample of what Victoria has available. If you click here, you will find lots more!
Can you believe how excited I was When…

received some samples from Victoria in the mail! Those of you who know my addiction to a certain colour can easily guess what my favourite is. Truly, this pic doesn’t do them justice. They are beautiful!

The fish placemat was a lovely gift from Victoria.  This fabric is also a part of her line. I really love my gift Victoria! There will undoubtedly be a future post about my fabric order from Victoria and what my new pillow cases look like! Can’t wait!

Another look…

Some more “pillowed spaces”…

Do you change out your pillows when trying to spruce up the look of your décor? Have you ever just purchased or made new pillow covers instead of buying a new throw pillow? I want to know what you do! Smile. Thank you again Victoria and go on over and check out her line everyone! Happy Thursday! XX

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