Yesterday, we were holed up at the lighting store(the merchant used by the builder for the lighting) for quite awhile attempting to choose lighting for the house and staying within the budget. We are allotted $2500 as our building allowance and with my taste, it was a challenge choosing light fixtures that I love while acknowledging the budget. I was determined not to go over budget, as lighting can be changed in the future. However, it was impossible to do so. We were still over budget at the end…

Baby Z was having a ball in the store; opening and closing cupboards, touching the fixtures, and using the store as his running playground. I think the store clerks were relieved when we finally left.

Today, I’m off to the Tile merchant. How is everyone? I hope your week is progressing beautifully and that it has been a productive one so far!  I will be catching up with you all as soon as I am home long enough to do soSmile.  Have a wonderful day my lovely friends. XX


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