Schools are closed today because there’s bad weather in the forecast.  Yes, we are getting snow; it’s always a mad frenzy when there is bad weather in the forecast. People go out and buy everything in the supermarket and whatever they think they need so that they can “bunker in.” I, on the other hand, am not so melodramatic. Impending bad weather means I get a chance to linger; linger in my bed OR

better yet this Master Suite where the bed is framed by dangling spindled beads. Did you notice the high definition screen built into the fireplace in the pic above?  Or how about that fur throw that lays seductively across the bed…Forget linger, I would never leave this space! 

The talented Annette English was partnered with luxury brand Ferragamo to redesign this Master Suite of the prestigious Esquire Showcase House.  Ferragamo’s fall collection, their tradition of master craftsmanship, layering of rich textures and fabrics was the inspiration used to hone this luxuriously sexy Master suite that is really for a bachelor pad. However, being female, I would be quite at home here; lounging and lingering.

Perfect spot to get some blog reading done while sipping on a cup of coffee(which I’d be careful not to spill on my fur pillow)

linger5linger6The closet would give any Ferragamo boutique a stiff competition and I think every builder should use this closet as the blueprint for their walk in closets, don’t you?

How was your weekend? I hope it was a great one and that you were able to capture a few minutes/hours to just linger and be. I’d love to be able to linger in that tub above with the sun’s rays on my skin! Happy Monday everyone! XX


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