Yesterday, we got a wonderful dose of colour from our friend, Miles Redd. Today, we’re going take it down a notch with this beautiful mostly white space.

The sprinkling of the brown tones from the floor and furniture is a lovely contrast, definitely not jarring.

Isn’t the design of the dining table unique? Black in the middle and white on the ends. It’s probably extendable too.

Loft bedroom-love it!

Lovely vignette with a quiet and peaceful edge

An industrial and functional kitchen

Aren’t the living spaces gorgeous, especially the one with the wall of books? So cozy…

I adore this collage on the walls behind the sofa. I love the efficient use of space too.

A nice and simple bedroom that only lends itself to some great pillow time. That rocking chair seems to just be waiting on me to sit in it…
Today is Veteran’s day and I just wanted us all to  acknowledge it by remembering our veterans; those who have served/still serve and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m grateful to have my vet home and my thoughts and prayers are with those(and their families) who are still away serving their country. Happy Thursday everyone! XX


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