I took a bit of an intermission from loving on dearest hubby. I think his face is hurting from all those kissesSmile. Anyway, I had to pop in to tell you all that your comments on my welcome home post warmed my heart dearly. I showed my hero your heartwarming comments; just so he knows that what he does is appreciated and  not for naught.  Thank you all so much!

Since dearest hubby has been home, it’s been all about coziness in our home. I find every reason to “cozy up.” Maybe that’s why I’m smitten with this cabin that I spotted on skona hem.  It oozes coziness. It’s dubbed the “winter cabin” and is located in the ski resort of Kvitfjell in southwestern Norway.

I love that dark rich colour that highlights the wall in this sun filled kitchen and how it allows the white painted floor to take center stage. The raw element in the wood table grounds the room beautifully too and of course the natural light enhances the beauty of this kitchen.

The planks on the cupboards are from an old barn. I love the organic elements and the mix and use of a variety of materials.

cabint5 cabint6
The couple uses grey/gray throughout their “winter cabin” and I love how it increases that cozy factor/appeal. I also love how they tend to layer their chairs…

A favourite cozying up spot, im sure! It has all the winning ingredientsSmile

A cozy bedroom for the Mr. and Mrs. XX


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