random 081
Hi everyone. I know, i know, i’m bald thanks to my mom. Yea, i'm not too enthused about the new look either. The last time you saw me, i had lots of hair but, alas, mom decided to cut it all off(probably because i never fail to aggressively demonstrate my hatred for all hair grooming items, thus making it nearly impossible for my mom to groom my hair). I am happy to say though that i was happy to see some hair when i looked in the mirror this morning:-). I’m a hair wearing kind of guy-ahem-baby. Anyway, i digress... I am supposed to really be telling you that my mom will be elsewhere today. Yes, she is guest posting over by the lovely Charlotta of Space for Inspiration.

random 072

Please go and check out my mom’s guest post if you haven't already:-). I know that she would appreciate it! Thank you all and have a great Wednesday! I wonder if she'll let me visit again soon; i kinda like it here...


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