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Hi everyone! How are you? I know it's been over a week since I last blogged, but I have been busy planning an important upcoming event; an event where yours truly will be adorned in a flower crown. The hubs and myself will be acknowledging our upcoming anniversary with an intimate love ceremony with family in our backyard.

wedding style

Now back to the flower crowns; ever since they came on the scene, I fell madly in love with the look.  It's such a fun way for me to express my love of nature.  In addition, for the love ceremony, I am aiming for a vintage/boho feel, and a floral crown seems like the perfect fit. I've bookmarked a couple tutorials and will be attempting to make one later today. Wish me luck! Stay tuned for more regarding Saturday's festivities. 

wedding style
What a cutie pie!

And Our  Giveaway Winner Is!

wedding style
Randomly chosen was Vel Criste! Congratulations Vel on winning the giveaway with Perfect Linens!  I will be in touch shortly! Have a lovely day everyone! xx

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