Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to snap some pictures to show you our Christmas touches here and there in our home, but it is such a busy time of year!  Anyway, come on in and I will try to keep the narrative short and sweet.

This year I felt in the mood for a touch of the quintessential Christmas color, red. I reused most of my already existing Christmas decorations but added in some new pieces.   I have to add that I bought that wool tartan blanket at a thrift store for less than $4! It’s like new too!

mantel close up


Photo Dec 15, 11 57 15 PM
Dada drew the most lovely mural depicting the true meaning of Christmas…

Photo Dec 15, 10 06 41 PM
We made the Village of houses again this year as our advent calendar.

Photo Dec 15, 11 37 13 AM
Yesterday after he had retrieved his treat from house number 15, Zion excitedly exclaimed, “Nine more houses are left until Christmas Mama!” You can find the free printable to make your own on Mr. printables.com.

Photo Dec 15, 8 28 56 PM
For the mantel in the sunroom, I picked a few branches from a tree in our backyard and placed them in a vase. I also cut some strands off some variegated vinca that I have planted in pots and used them as garland.

Photo Dec 13, 4 30 34 PM
vinca up close

lots of bling add lots of sparkle

The cards are sentimental. Last Christmas the hubby(who was away) sent us about 6 cards. Even Ginger(our dog) received a card! I placed them there as a reminder of  just how grateful we are to have him home this Christmas.


Photo Dec 13, 4 10 59 PM

Zion and Ian chose this tree from a local farm and decorated it themselves. They also helped me to make those garlands(one on the bed and around Moose’s neck) from pipe cleaners. So much fun!

a little seasonal display in Z’s room with his art work

Our fancy tree! I added in some pink and animal print ornaments  this year. I might have gone overboard with the pink. There is more to show, but that would be too many pics. If I am not able to pop back in before Christmas, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Love and Blessings. xx


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