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I was recently asked to review the book titled, This Equals That, from the Aperture Foundation. This is is the foundation’s first children's photobook and is authored by Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin. Given my fascination with photography, I was immediately intrigued since the narrative employs a sequence of photographs to convey meaning.

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This Equals That is aimed at children ages five and up. The book is also enjoyable for adults, well, I loved it. The pictures are vivid and appealing. I enjoyed discussing the relationships between photographs and Zion was happy to point out similarities in shapes and numbers.

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We love this book because of the unorthodox method used to facilitate associative thinking in children while reinforcing colors, shapes, and numbers. As a visual person, I really enjoyed just simply looking at the pictures and admiring their beauty and artistry. Publish date is September 30th 2014, but you can preorder the book here and also save 23%(pre order price).

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Zion needed a table for his playroom since the one we had before broke. I bought the one pictured from the thrift store, lightly sanded and primed it. Then I spray painted it with a lovely green color from rustoleum(leftover from a prior project). In fact, I already had everything(except the table) at home for this diy.
Photo Aug 10, 6 09 50 PM
A very fun and simple diy. I love the clean lines of the table and its new color. Also, the size is perfect as it won’t take up much space in the playroom. Have a fabulous day everyone! xx

P.S. I received the book mentioned above to review but the thoughts on said book are my own.


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