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I recently had to reluctantly embrace the sedentary lifestyle and I have somewhat been banished to my bedroom, well mostly my bed. Although I am not happy about not being able to freely roam and rearrange and lift as I please, this slow pace and rest is exactly what I need. Being stuck in bed for hours led me to thinking about what I would enjoy looking at being stuck in a recovery space for a period of time(much like I am now).  Plants immediately came to mind, hence the title of today's post. Unfortunately, my bedroom isn’t smothered in plant delight, but I do have a succulent in there. Here are some plant infused spaces I’m loving…

Photo Jun 18, 11 46 57 AM
Photo Jun 12, 8 06 35 AM
Photo Jun 12, 7 40 24 AM
Photo Jun 12, 7 39 54 AM
Photo Jun 12, 7 40 20 AM
Photo Jun 18, 11 47 10 AM
Plants are well known for their air purification qualities and I posted about their feng shui implications here last year.  For my living spaces, I gravitate towards sculptural plants like the mother in law tongue, the fiddle fig, the zzz plant, the bonsai. and of course succulents. However, on my screened in porch, I have a variety of plants. What’s your take on plant infused spaces? xx
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