Photo Sep 01, 4 21 21 PM
I realized recently that quite a number of items that I’ve had for years (and have even considered selling) are trending right now. Yay me!?

Photo Sep 01, 4 28 23 PM
This copper textured top table with its black base was purchased years ago from Pier 1.  Today, it’s trending as what’s hot because it’s copper and of course those sexy black legs that would give Tyra a run for her money make it an even more delicious piece. Who knew? I bought it because I loved the lines and they beckon to that mid-century era which I really love.

Photo Sep 01, 4 54 18 PM
And then there is this bar cart that I had parked in a closet for the longest time. It has a kind of oil rubbed finish with traces of black too. It is superbly made and the top part is detachable(great when entertaining). I’ve been seeing similar looks/types of bar carts in magazines, etc.
 While I try not to get caught up in trends or let them dictate what I purchase for my home, it still feels wonderful to have these pieces that are considered ‘en vogue’ or trendy. With that said, before you go out and purchase an item from one of these trend categories that you love and must have, take a look around your home. That trendy piece may already be there; probably hiding in a closet or waiting for a simple diy or some paint to make it  into that enviable  piece you covet.  I hope those of us who celebrated Labor Day had an awesome long weekend! Blessings. XX

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