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Gisele in H&M Fall 2013 editorial

Today’s weather totally caught me off guard with the cool temps. I had to go rummaging in my closet to find my sweaters(sweaters that I put away gleefully in anticipation of the warm summer). Did you experience this type of weather too? Based on tomorrow’s forecast, it seems as if this cooling trend will continue which means

dining alfresco will be a very pleasant experience; no. bugs.

Some Alfresco Dining Inspiration:

2013-08-15 21.21.43
2013-08-15 21.20.19
2013-08-15 21.19.33
2013-08-15 21.19.59
2013-08-15 21.25.23
2013-08-15 21.07.29
2013-08-15 19.38.17
2013-08-15 19.40.32
2013-08-15 19.36.46
2013-08-15 23.17.55
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Hopefully, this weekend, I won’t be needing a long coat like the one that the oh so gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence(featured in Vogue’s September issue) is wearing.  However, I will happily wear that scarf! If you follow me on Instagram(@designaddictmom), then you know that I spend A LOT of time outside with the kiddos, playing, eating drumsticksSmile, grilling etc.

 Thus, I will enjoy my bug free alfresco experience while it lasts. Blessings and have a wonderful weekend everyone! XX

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