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All is abuzz about the birth of the Royal Baby in London today! Well, frankly I’m quite excited too and thought it fitting to post about one of my obsessions in interior design; the Union Jack.

2008-06-28 15.19.45
2009-02-09 11.01.22
2013-07-22 09.05.22
2013-07-22 09.13.39
2013-07-22 09.30.04
2013-07-22 08.58.32
2013-07-22 09.14.27
Are you a fan of the Union Jack in interior spaces? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had out of town guests and the weather was Peerrfect!! Twas a very beautiful weekend.  Royal Baby is trending on twitter and I’m glued.  Blessings and a happy new week to you all. XX

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