“The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together,” ~ architect and designer David Rockwell.

Ambient, task, accent, and decorative are categories of lighting that we should think about when lighting and choosing lighting for a room. Natural light is best but when natural light sources are limited there should be plenty of light sources.

Layering is important because natural light changes throughout the day. Sit in all the rooms of your home throughout the day and you will notice where lighting needs to be supplemented. The right kind of lighting in the right space will add a glow and a warmth to your surroundings.

This flush ceiling light paired with the lamp for task lighting makes this office efficient. The natural light makes it even more liveable and inviting.

Pendant lighting is a great way to light your dining table…

How is the lighting in your home?  Some of the rooms in my home could definitely do with some more layers of lighting. In addition, I have been meaning to add dimmers to some very key lighting areas. I think dimmers are essential in some areas. What do you think?

In other news: Both kiddos have been quite sick with horrible ear infections, coughs, runny noses, lack of appetite and feversSad smile.  I am hoping there will be a breakthrough for them this weekend and they’ll feel much better!   Blessings and happy weekend everyone! XX

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