I live for the weekends because this is when I can find some time to work in my vegetable garden. Today I want to put some mulch down. The mulch will help to trap the moisture in from rain and or when I water the garden.

However, first I am going to put down a weed barrier. Last year I used the typical black plastic that you can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. The weeds still protruded through that thing; seriously, that stuff doesn’t work. This year, I’ll be recycling the newspaper I use in my classroom as weed barrier. I have used newspaper before so I know it works!
Banana peppers. These are nice and spicy…

My sweet basil is being eaten by something. I m not sure what. Can anyone suggest a natural concoction that I can spray on the basil to keep those little buggers away?

I plan on getting some of these vegetable stake labels made for the garden. How cool are they! So tell me- what are you doing this weekend? Planning on getting your hands dirty like me? Smile. Whatever it is, have lots of fun! XX


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