Zion’s play room is a working progress. I actually observe how he uses the space and then go from there with design ideas etc. I painted Zion’s chalkboard wall for him when I was 81/2 months pregnant. I also painted the adjoining walls an orange colour(no surprise there, right?). Anyway, I’ve always wanted to do a chalkboard wall and Zion’s love affair with doodling on the bare walls led me to paint one sooner than later.

For someone like me who loves instant gratification, it was no fun painting the chalkboard wall. I had to wait 24 hrs. before I could apply a second coat. In addition, you have to so call “chalk” the wall before using it or marks would still be visible even after erasing. The pic above shows the “chalked” wall.

We all enjoy having the chalkboard wall. Ironically too, Zion still uses the chalk to “decorate” the other walls. I guess that is what 2 year olds doSmile.  Happy Tuesday everyone! XX


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