I mentioned last Friday that I would be taking a trip to a furniture store(over 2 hours away) last weekend to Winston, Salem here in NC. Well, I’m sorry to say that I was so disappointed about the lack of inventory of furniture that I liked. It wasn’t a wasted trip though since I fell in love with this Calligaris table that they had. I bought it for the hubby for “his space” which I am not allowed in btw.  However, he can’t seem to keep me out of it!Smile. Anyway, he didn’t have a place to rest his beverages and snacks(the room is a working progress), so I thought this table would be perfect for him; the right height and it’s lacquered white finish is bright and beautiful, plus it has a lovely reflective element too.

Those candles are soy made and smell so good. I have to tell you all about them, but in another post. Also, guess what? Tomorrow is the last day of school for my students! We have to party tomorrow for sure! Summer break, here I come! XX


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