Have you ever had dinner, but, your taste buds still yearn for something else? Well, that's happening to me this evening, i just had my dinner, however, my taste buds still yearn for something else-something in the ice-cream dessert family. Maybe, it's because it has been unbearably hot here or maybe my taste buds just need to experience some wicked decadence:-). O.k., i don't usually consume sweet things as i don't have a "sweet tooth"(except for tiramisu). However, if there is no tiramisu, and a dessert is really delicious and has the right texture, i will make an exception and devour it:-). Right now, i really want to devour these...

Father's Day is tomorrow and some tasty ice cream dessert would be a great addition to your celebration. Am i the only one drooling here?

{images via eatdrinkpretty}


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